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Neural Organisation Technique

Our low force adjustment protocol NOT, stands for Neural Organisation Technique.

NOT combines chiro spinal care with Applied Kinesiology and holistic health approaches from Western and Eastern Science in an evidenced based, contemporary neuroscience framework.

The aim of the technique is to move you into a rested, self-healing state, by decreasing your Sympathetic Nervous system activity. Ensuring your survival systems of feeding, fight/flight, reproduction and immune health can be engaged as required. Modern life often pushes us toward a state of “sympathetic dominance” with our fight/flight responses engaged persistently depleting our ability to regulate sufficient daily energy and digestive health.

NOT is designed to identify neural disorganisation caused by your body’s unresolved adaptation to common stressors such as physical injury, emotional stress and biochemical challenge. The NOT protocols explore your nervous system health through a series of spine health and brain health checks. The spine health/brain health checks review your functional status in relation to the specific situations of injury/challenge, postural distortion/biomechanical instability as well as the differing neuro physiological events of daytime and night time.

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