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About Dr. Sam – Centred Space Wellness Group

Chiropractor – special interest in sport & men’s health

Dr Sam is a chiropractor with a keen interest in men’s health and supporting athletes in their journey.

Not only this but Sam also thoroughly enjoys helping people of all ages and body types to feel stronger and live the most functional life that is possible for them.

Sam was introduced to chiropractic care as an infant and this continued through his entire professional soccer career that took him around the world several times and ended up in the United States on an athletic scholarship to study medicine.

After an unfortunate injury Sam then was forced to grapple with the mental health side of being an athlete who has lost their career and this has lead him down a path of exploring mental health and now is very interested in helping other people to overcome their struggles and regain their life back.

Dr Sam utilises traditional chiropractic adjustments with several other manual therapy techniques including, dry needling, stretch therapy and graston. In addition he routinely prescribes rehabilitation exercises that are specific to your injury or health goals.

In his spare time Sam loves going to the gym, hiking with his staffy and playing video games and watching anime with his partner.

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